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Greetings, traveler! #Wanderlust is built on a simple idea: to help travel lovers experience more and better travel. We strive to inform and inspire travel wanderers about destinations around the world. From food and fancy sights to travel hacks and must-do’s, we use deep storytelling and fact-checks to help you reach a new level of travel. 

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From adventurers and backpackers to globetrotters and digital nomads, we are a trusted source of reliable information about great places to visit. Make your next trip a fabulous one! Discover more about beautiful, unique, and off-the-beaten-track travel destinations.

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Did you know a fridge magnet in most of the world costs $5 on average but so does lunch (coffee included)?! By road, by plane, or even on foot, we do our best to share tried-and-tested tips, tricks, and travel destinations that allow you to save up those precious bucks as you’re roaming the world. 

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The heart wants what it wants but so does baggage! Learn neat travel hacks that help you make the most out of every trip, whether you’re leaving out of a suitcase or not carrying one at all.

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Packing your suitcase and leaving has never been easier! Before going into the, we want to bring the world to you. Sharing is caring, right? Our goal is to help you and your fav travel mates make the best decisions possible when it comes to traveling.

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